Program Outline


Who can Apply

Undergraduate students, MSc and PhD students and Postdoctoral fellows are all part of MATRIX. To become a MATRIX member, please contact one of the participating researchers.

By the end of the MATRIX program, graduate students can expect the following:

Core knowledge

1. Metabolomics, bioenergetics and bioinformatics

2. Leadership

3. Communication

4. Entrepreneurship

Advanced Training

In at least two of the following:

1. Metabolomics

2. Bioinformatics tools and techniques

3. High-throughput assays including bioenergetic (e.g., Seahorse technologies) assays

4. Other high-throughput assays

Customized Career Path Experience

In at least one of:

1. Industry stream

2. Commercialization

3. Academic stream

4. Project management


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