Upcoming Events 2023

MATRIX Basecamp

May 2023

Comprehensive exploration of lipidomic and metabolomic mass spectrometry methods for the study of metabolism from the “ground-up.” Students will learn how to extract biological samples, operate a mass spectrometer, analyze raw data, identify lipids and metabolites within these datasets, and perform univariate, multivariate, supervised and unsupervised learning analysis in R. Students will be instructed in skills relevant to research project design (e.g., selection of research models), methodology, and the rigorous interpretation of results necessary to ensure accurate lipidomic/metabolomic results. Students will be introduced to approaches for the analysis of large data sets (e.g., from lipidomics, metabolomics), with an emphasis on the skills required for quantitative lipid assessment.

2020 MATRIX Basecamp 3

Support our Science Rally

May 1st, 2023, Ottawa, ON

MATRIX trainees participated in a nationwide rally to support increased scientific funding in Canada.

MATRIX Journal Club Schedule Winter 2023

Date Title of Event Presenter
March 6th Trainee Presentation Claire Fong-McMaster
April 3rd Trainee Presentation Jérémy Racine
May 1st  Trainee Presentation Thao Nguyen

Personalized MATRIX Career Planning Meetings with Dr. Harper and Dr. Bennett

January 2023

MATRIX Scholars met individually with Dr. Harper and Dr. Bennett for an open discussion with constructive feedback about their future plans in academia, industrial research or other career trajectories. During these one hour sessions, trainees evaluated their Career Development Plan, a self-evaluation report detailing: a vision of their future career direction; their short, medium and long-term career goals; and the skills they possess, and those required, to achieve their goals.