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Can we make ion mobility (LC-ESI-DMS-MS/MS) easier? @MMetabolomics #NRLLab @mlaval6 & Dr Ted Perkins #bioengineering student Xun Xun Shi presenting a machine learning neural net that predicts @SCIEXOmics differential mobility spectrometry SVs and COVs for all cerebrosides.


Please consider joining Dr. Julie St-Pierre (@uOttawa) and @Lyssiotislab for a seminar on "Application/integration of metabolomics and Seahorse XF to study tumor and immune metabolism", sponsored by @Agilent. Registration is free 👍🏼, link below.

I am looking for awesome graduate students to take on exciting projects on mitophagy in muscle stem cells. Check out this opportunity at

In order to get the most out of your data, always run calculations AND graphs! Why you ask? In this example, the different graphs have basically the same summary statistics! (Part of what I learned today @WCMC_UCDavis)

Take a closer look:

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