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MATRIX JC/WIP Schedule Winter 2021

mitoMATRIX Winter Schedule

MATRIX Lunch and Learn Tech Talks:

Lunch hour seminars to learn about the latest metabolic, proteomic and biomolecule detection technologies

  • 01/13/2021: Seahorse (Agilent) - Navigating your Seahorse assay journey:  How to use Seahorse XF Assays to tell a metabolic story
  • 01/20/2021: Seahorse (Agilent) - Keys to running successful Seahorse experiments and best practices
  • 01/27/2021: Seahorse (Agilent) - How to analyze XF data and utilize the Seahorse Analytics platform for accurate analysis
  • 02/03/2021: Isoplexis - Accelerating pre-clinical research with cellular proteomics
  • 02/27/2021: MesoScale Discovery (MSD) - A unique electrochemiluminescence immunoassay platform for the measurement of molecules in biological samples
Agilent Seahorse XF Techonolgies
Isoplexis Cellular Proteomics Platform

MATRIX Communications Workshop

Presented by Dr. Harper and Dr. Baetz

February 22-23rd, 2021

MATRIX Communications Workshop 2021

MATRIX Seminar - Dr. Shama Naz - March 3rd, 2021

LC-HRMS metabolomics method with high specificity for metabolite identification using all ion fragmentation (AIF)